Watch statues narrate their story with this artificial intelligence mobile App

January 14, 2022

Lithops app Spans over 5000 years of astonishing human history

Lithops introduces history in an entertaining way that allows unprecedented engagement through animations and narrations by the historical figures themselves.

Let's inspire the world.”
— Lithops
MINATO, TOKYO, JAPAN, January 14, 2022 / -- MechaPal (Headquarter: Tokyo, Hiroshima - Japan) delivers artificial intelligence (AI) programs to empower businesses of different backgrounds. They served clients in many domains including renewable energy, video enhancements, scene understanding, and chatbots. Their latest AI-powered application: Lithops - enriches interaction with statues through any smartphone by adding artificial animation and narriotos to them.

Travel through time and space
We used to honor our heroes through paintings on cave walls, then created tombs and made majestic statues for them. Under those thick layers of clay, rocks, and metal there are many untold words, trapped feelings, and expressions. Lithops introduces a digital living version of those statues (Lithops) that not only overcome the static nature of the statues but also the travel bans caused by the pandemic. The App projects 5000 years of events that span globally with few taps on user smartphones. It renders the statue digitally allowing users to feel its presence and personality while gazing at the physical replica right in front of them as it narrates its story. Users can also take selfies in the location with an augmented background of what the location used to look like. The App covers 120+ cities worldwide with Lithops such as King Richard of England, Pharaoh Rameses II, Arab historian Ibn Khaldun, German musician Beethoven, and British scientists Alexander Fleming. For statues that did not fully survive the wheel of time, digital reconstruction is applied with enhanced features, especially for facial attributes. Besides meeting digitally rendered characters across space and time, Lithops App allows business owners to use marketing characters knowns as Promo Lithops to engage possible clients based on personalized shopping criteria.

How and when Lithops works
The Lithops App (available on Google Play and Apple Store) shows Lithops for statues that are near the user and also virtual instances of statues that are far away in the App map. It sends notifications if users are less than 10 meters from a Lithop. They can then choose to meet the Lithop and hear their story or take a selfie (referred to as Memories) with it right away. The Memories option is a unique feature where users can augment themselves to the past of their current location and take a selfie where the statue is located that they can later share through the internet.

The intelligent AI behind Lithops
The App uses AI to make its Lithops realistic and high quality. The animations take into consideration many visual dynamics. Every movement, reaction, and emotion is in sync with the script that is verified by historians (which is all gathered from literature). The App introduces tones and expressions to resemble the original character.

Lithops is a genus of succulent plants. Solid as a rock from the outside but vivid from the inside. This is what inspired the App name and concept and it carries its way through to the app’s development. The statues featured in the App have the same level of attention to detail as nature. That’s why the Lithops App aims to provide hope and wisdom to its audience and teach them something new. Lithops App covers many civilizations across all continents. And it is still growing more Lithops, history lovers can now back this App on Kickstarter.

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Lithops: the AI powered history telling mobile application