The Kilo Health Academy: How the Company Is Helping Its Talent Learn More

October 14, 2021

The Kilo Health Academy: How the Company Is Helping Its Talent Learn More

How the Kilo Health Academy Is Changing the Industry Through Education

LONDON , UK, October 14, 2021 / -- The discrepancy found in healthcare today is astonishing. Kilo Health is a company that aims to even the playing field by helping people find health and wellness products that work for them. The organization relies on stellar employees to spread the word. See how Kilo Health is empowering talent to find their own path forward through the Kilo Health Academy, and how they’re helping aspiring tech and wellness professionals around the world.

Kilo Health is a leading digital health and wellness company that has grown from a mere handful of employees to more than 500 in just three years. Kilo’s leadership team believes this growth has everything to do with its mission and ethos. Kilo is continuously working to implement programs that give employees a solid foundation on which to build their careers. See why the Kilo Health Academy is an integral component of its success.

What Is the Kilo Health Academy?

The Kilo Health Academy offers a collection of courses that teach aspiring tech and wellness professionals how to grow their knowledge, achieve confidence in what they do and build a foundation for a successful career in the tech space. Reaching people online can be done, but it takes skill and expertise to find a niche and forge a real connection with people all over the globe.

The Kilo Health Academy aims to bring together the brightest minds in tech and wellness and to provide the guidance and training that help unlock their full career potential. From Facebook and Google ads to IT and CRO, Academy coursework provides aspiring tech professionals with detailed instruction in their unique focus areas, providing a challenging but easy-to-follow program for improving and refining subject matter expertise.

Students receive valuable insights into the fields of tech, health, and wellness, as well as the chance to refine their skills, acquire a new level of expertise and pursue rewarding career opportunities with the Kilo Health team.

From the start, Academy participants benefit from dedicated instruction and are treated as valued members of the Kilo Health’s family.

The Goal of Kilo Health

Kilo Health has always put its talent first. Treating each individual as a top priority doesn’t mean that they’re putting customers second. In fact, it’s just the opposite. By giving employees the tools they need, Kilo Health is giving potential customers more incentive to try out their unique and powerful health and wellness products.

Kilo Health’s HR team is extremely proud of the results of their policies, particularly when the sense of loyalty is two-sided. (If someone turns down an offer from a rival company, they’re given a shirt that reads “I said no.”)

The philosophy of Kilo Health is not that employees should be grateful for their jobs but that the company should be grateful that they’ve discovered such amazing and talented people to join their team. Considering the explosion of interest in digital healthcare in the past two years, Kilo Health and its dedicated team are poised to make even bigger strides in this industry.

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